Playing the chords on the piano

Article for those who learn to play chords on the piano to the songs. Surely you come across such songbooks, where guitar chords with their tablature, that is, transcripts that let you know which string and where to press it to make one or another chord, are attached to the text. The manual, which is in front of you, is something like such tablature, only in relation to keyboard instruments.

Bruno Mars: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Bruno Mars Bruno Mars is a talented singer, composer and just handsome, is now at the peak of popularity, his hits take the first lines, they are played on TV, radio, in clubs, they can be heard from the windows of houses and on the street from singing youth. The singer can be called a lucky man, who himself was destined to have a career as a musician.

What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll

What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll Rock and roll literally stirred the youth of America in the mid 50s of the last century. And then the whole world. And while the boys and girls sang along with popular singers and lit up on the dance floors, their parents opposed the “innovations” in the music world. Why did this style become very popular and why did it become an apple of contention between generations?

Jazz quintet "Edelweiss"

Angelika Markova (vocal) - Winner of the international jazz competition, participant of jazz festivals (Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc.), graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Lecturer of the RATI-GITIS (Estrada faculty, courses Garkalina V., Schukina A., Borisova M., Shanina E., Vasilyeva Y.) Permanent soloist of the group "Edelweiss".