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Rita Ora (Rita Ora)

This brown-eyed Briton of Albanian origin, it seems, consists of only one contradictions. Just yesterday, another retired boyfriend accused Rita of numerous betrayals, and today the Pope himself invites her to speak at the Vatican at a event on the canonization of Mother Teresa. Here she is storming the Eurovision qualifying round, successfully passes several rounds and ... refuses further participation, motivating this with her lack of readiness for such serious projects.

She works a lot, tours, she writes poetry and music herself, and in 10 years of her eventful musical career, only one album has been released.

So who is she, this dark beauty with platinum hair, perfect smile and low exciting mezzo-soprano, which many opera singers would envy?

short biography

The future singer was born 11/26/90 in the city of Pristina (former Yugoslavia) in a family of Kosovo Albaceans Vera and Besnik. Her father is an economist by education, and is the owner of a pub by occupation. In addition to Rita, there are 2 more children in the family: the eldest Elena and the younger Don.

At birth, the future singer was named Rita Sahatchyu. Her last name comes from the Turkish word "saatçi"which means "watchmaker". But later her parents added her pseudonym - Ora, which means time in Albanian. They rightly considered that such a last name is easier to pronounce and to remember.

In 1991, when Rita was not even a year old, her family was forced to move to London, as the period of civil wars began in their native Yugoslavia.

Since childhood, the girl sang in the choir, and her teacher advised her to continue her studies at the drama school. Sylvia Young. In addition to general subjects, Rita studied dance, singing and dramatic art here.

In the early stages of a musical career, future star performances were mainly held in pubs in London and its environs. Interestingly, one of the pubs belonged to her father.

In 2004, the first fateful meeting took place. After one of the concerts, Ora met Martin Terefe. Martin is a music producer from Sweden who has worked with a lot of famous artists. It was thanks to Teref that the girl began to compose songs herself, moreover, a contract was signed for producing for a period of two years.

In 2007, together with Craig David (British singer), Rita recorded the song "Awkward", and a year later he was filmed with him in the video for the song "Where's your love".

In December 2008, the company Roc Nation, which belongs to the famous rapper Jay-Z, signed a contract with the singer to record and publish her first album.

In 2009, Rita takes part in the contest "Eurovision: You need your country." She successfully passes several rounds, but voluntarily refuses further struggle, because she does not feel ready for such serious challenges. Sarah Stennett, director of the singer, explained that at that time participation in the contest seemed to the actress almost the only way to succeed. At the same time, according to Sarah herself, participation in Eurovision of Rita’s career would most likely be in the way.


In 2009, Rita appears as a cameo in the Jay-Z “YoungForever” music video, and in 2010 in the Drake music video “Over”.

During 2011, Ora continues to work on his first album, periodically posting videos about it in public access. British producer and DJ DJFresh, who was just looking for a vocalist to perform the song "HotRightNow", became interested in Rita's commercials. The composition was released in February 2012 and immediately led the official UK singles charts. Around the same time, Rita participates in the concerts of Canadian rapper Drake as part of his concert tour, known as "ClubParadiseTour".

The first single from her debut album was released on May 6, 2012. The song was called "R.I.P.", and Taini Pace took part in its creation. The producers of this work were the members of the British duet "Chase and Status". This composition immediately took off to the top of the UK charts. And on 12/12/12, another single from Rita came out - "We Do (Party)", which won first place not only in Great Britain, but also in Ireland. A little later, the name of the debut album - "Ora" was announced. The album itself was released on August 27, 2012 in Europe and Australia, topping the UK sales rating.

In January 2013, the singer went on her first concert tour in support of her debut album. At the annual Brit Awards 2013 music awards ceremony, Rita was presented in three categories, among which was the Breakthrough of the Year. Then Ora hinted that her second album is more interesting and multi-dimensional than the first. In an interview with British entertainment portal "Digital Spy", the singer explained that the highlight of the new album will be an unusual point of view on the "party girl".

In the summer of 2014 with the participation of Rita came the single American hip-hop performer Iggy Azalea. The composition called "Black Widow" took the fourth line in the British charts and became the first song of Ora, which entered the top ten of the American music magazine "Billboard", taking the third place.

In July 2015, Rita released the song "Poison", which ranked third in the British charts, becoming her sixth song, ranked in the top 5 tracks of the UK.

Ora continued to perform, including on status sites. For example, in September 2016, the singer sang at St. Peter’s in the Vatican before the canonization of Mother Teresa (by the way, also Albanians by origin). However, there were no new songs for almost two years, until in May 2017 the song "Your Song" was released. The track took the seventh line in the UK and, most likely, it will become the leading single of the second album of the singer.

In January 2018, Liam Payne and Rita Ora were released the song "For You" from the soundtrack to the film "Fifty Shades of Freedom". The track ranked eighth in the British charts.

Interesting Facts

  • Her favorite flowers are roses.
  • Rita has more than 150 pairs of sneakers.
  • Her favorite activity is lying in bed.
  • "There are three things that are always with me," says Rita. - "This is red lipstick, perfume and moisturizer for hands."
  • She loves burgers very much, and the most beloved is Bick-Mac from McDonalds.
  • Rita's mom is Vera, in the 80s she graduated from a medical institute in Moscow, therefore, she knows Russian quite well. "She even sometimes swore at me in Russian!" - Rita recalls. - "I did not understand anything, but it sounded scary."
  • Rita met with Rob Kardashian. Relations with Rob - brother Kim Kardashian were very difficult, and their finale could put an end to her singing career. Immediately after breaking up, Rob accused the actress that she cheated on him with more than 20 guys, and, in addition, was pregnant by one of them. Rita, in response, expressed doubts about the mental normality of the former boyfriend.
  • She has a bottle of Tabasco sauce. In several interviews, Rita Ora confessed her gastronomic weakness - it turns out she cannot eat food without Tabasco sauce. The manufacturing company was so touched by this fact that she wrote a letter of thanks to the singer and presented her a bottle of this sauce.
  • Rita calls her worshipers ritaboty.
  • Rita’s singing voice is mezzo-soprano. In operatic art, mezzo-soprano usually plays second-order parts. However, in some operas it is this type of voice that the main characters (Carmen, The Barber of Seville, Samson and Delilah) possess.
  • Rita's voice range is 2.5 octaves. For this, she thanks her vocal teacher from the drama school. Sylvia Young. The singer recalls that the teacher often shouted and swore at her, and it was this that became a good incentive for correcting mistakes.
  • Rita is not only a singer, but also a successful actress.

Best songs

Despite the fact that Rita had only one album, almost all of her songs became hits. She was even called the actress with the highest number of tracks, who took the first lines in the British charts.

"Poison " It was released on May 18, 2015. In this song, the heroine compares her boyfriend with a drug. She talks about psychological and physical dependence on him. "It took me just one time to sit down tight on you." The pleasure of such a drug can not be compared with anything.

"Poison" (listen)

"How We Do (Party)". The song tells about a girl who adores parties and fun. She does not need to work, she is delayed and on weekdays and weekends. Often she does not even remember the name of the next young man who wakes up in the morning.

"How We Do (Party)" (listen)

"Radioactive" was released on February 11, 2013. Rita Ora offers everyone to surrender to their fantasies. She talks about the fantasies of her young man. They are forbidden, but that’s what attracts. Emotions, night, lights and two lovers. I want to hold hands and fly to the stars.

"Radioactive" (listen)

"Anywhere". The song was inspired by the desire to escape from Los Angeles and go traveling with friends.

"Anywhere" (listen)

Personal life

Despite her outstanding voice and undoubted talent, the masses of the singer are not known for creativity, but for numerous novels. Rita has repeatedly stated that she is afraid of being alone, experiencing a tremendous fear of loneliness, and her feelings of love can be compared in strength to those of prohibited substances.

At the very beginning of her career, Rita met with the American singer, composer and poet Bruno Mars, whom the company “Roc Nation” hired to write songs for her.

“We met in 2009,” says Rita. - I was eighteen. It was love at first sight and a great experience.

They broke up in February 2011, when both were already known, but remained close friends.

For nearly a year, Rita had a relationship with Rob Kardashian, a representative of the “same” family. Immediately after breaking up, Rob published (and almost immediately deleted) an angry Twitter post, in which he accused the girl of numerous betrayals. In fairness, it should be noted that the name of Rita was not named - the pronoun “She” appeared in the post. In response, the singer said in an interview that before making her personal life in the public domain, you must first make sure of your mental health. What was really there is not known, but the fact that at one of the fashion shows Rob's sister, Kim, refused to sit next to Rita - this is a fact.

The next elect of the rapidly gaining popularity of the singer was the Scottish singer, producer and DJ Calvin Harris. The couple didn’t meet the year either - the musician announced his breakup with Rita via Twitter without even informing her personally. Despite this, the singer continued to claim that they were good friends.

After parting with Harris, the singer was spotted in the company of Ricky Hill, son of the famous couturier Tommy Hilfiger. Their romance lasted for half a year, then they ran away to come together again and leave already completely. However, the close circle of the singer is only glad for this, because, according to them, Ricky is a drug addict, and even without this his reputation is “not very”.

Then there was a short affair with musician Travis Barker, and she was noticed a little later while walking with Andrew Watt.

At the moment, the singer is still not married, but the source from her entourage hinted that her heart is not free again.

To complement the image

Rita Ora is not only a singer, but also an actress, designer, model.

She made her film debut in 2004. The girl played in the British comedy "Spieves". The next movie was Fast and Furious 6, where Rita played the role of cameo.

For 2018, her track record includes seven films. Of these, three were shot based on erotic novels by A.L. James "50 shades ...". Rita got the role of the protagonist's sister.

For several years, the singer has been the face of the youth brand DKNY, including their 2014 cruise collection.

In 2013, the most famous designer Karl Legerfeld chose Rita as the model for his new photoset for Next Liberation magazine.

As a designer, Rita has worked with Adidas for a long time. As a result, a line of clothing was released with unusual stripes and prints.

In the process of cooperation of the singer with the famous cosmetic brand "Rimmel" in February 2014 saw the release of a collection of makeup, consisting of lip products and nail polishes.

Today we can say with certainty: Rita Ora is a world-class star with great potential. At the same time, unlike most modern performers, Rita has a really strong and beautiful voice. Hopefully, in the near future, she will please the fans with a new album, and the public will be interested in her work, and not in her personal life. Her talent deserves it.

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